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Painting 2nd (Belgian) Carabiniers Regiment
from Baccus in 6mm

A quick guide to how I painted my 6mm 2nd (Belgian) Carabinier Regiment for Waterloo using Baccus Russian Cuirassiers (NRU7). Note that the Russian command strip contains a standard but I could find no informaion that one was carried by Dutch-Belgian cavalry at Waterloo - so I replaced this figure with a normal cavalry trooper.

1. Undercoat – Citadel Abaddon Black
Paint the undercoat in black and let dry completly.

2. Blue – Citadel Macragge Blue
Paint the jacket, shabraque and valise.

3. Brown – Citadel Doombull Brown
Paint the hair and carbine. It doesn’t matter if you paint the hair too wide and cover part of the helmet.

4. Flesh – Humbrol 61 Matt Flesh
Face. It doesn’t matter if you paint the face too wide and cover part of the helmet

5. Grey – Citadel Administratum Grey

6. White

7. Silver - Citadel Runefang Steel
Sword, Scabbard, Helmet.

8. Gold - Citadel Gehenna’s Gold
Helmet plate.

9. Black - Citadel Abaddon Black
Boots and helmet crest.

10. Red - Citadel Blood Red
Epaulettes. As the Russian Cuirassiers do not have epaulettes, these must be painted using your imagination.

11. Brown
The Horse.

12. Earth – Citadel Graveyard Earth
The Base.

13. Matt Varnish

14. Special Notes
Officers have Silver epaulettes
The trumpeter had reversed colours (red jacket with blue facings), white epaulettes and a white crest on the helmet.

Job Done!