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Painting Brunswick Lieb Battalion
from Baccus in 6mm

A quick guide to how I painted my 6mm Brunswick Infantry using Baccus Leib-battalion(NBU1).

1. Undercoat – Citadel Abaddon Black
Paint the undercoat in black and let dry completly.

2. Grey – Citadel Codex Grey
Paint the jacket and trousers with a light dusting of grey. Apply the paint by drybrushing using a Citadel Medium Drybrush. Use a stiff paint mixture on the drybrush wiping off any extra on a cloth before use. Run the brush along the surface of the figures, leaving paint on the raised areas, but allowing the black undercoat to show through. It doesn't matter if you even cover other areas such as face, musket or knapsack.

3. Mid Blue – Humbrol Matte Mid Blue 5043
Collar, shoulder strap, water bottle. It doesn’t matter if you paint the collar too wide and cover part of the hair or face.

4. Brown – Citadel Doombull Brown
Paint the hair, the musket and the knapsack. It doesn’t matter if you paint the hair too wide and cover part of the shako.

5. Grey – Citadel Administratum Grey
Greatcoat roll.

6. Flesh – Humbrol 61 Matt Flesh
Face and Hands.

7. Black - Citadel Abaddon Black
Shako and Plume.

8. Silver - Citadel Runefang Steel
Bayonet and Shako plate.

9. Earth – Citadel Graveyard Earth
The Base.

10. Matt Varnish

11. Special Notes
The officer should have a red waist sash
The drum should be brass with mid blue rims.