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Waterloo Gallery

Terrain for Waterloo and Quatre Bras battles in 6mm.

La Haye Sainte

From Irregular Miniatures with trees by Timecast and a hedge of green stuff.

From the east:

Château d'Hougoumont

From Irregular Miniatures with tree by Timecast. A slightly more compressed version than that intended by Irregular in order to fit onto one 100mm Kallistra hex as required for the Waterloo scenarios.

From the north:

From the south:

A later Commands and Colors expansion added a Hougoumont scenario where Hougoumont Château takes 3 hexes, the walled garden 2 hexes and the orchard 4 hexes.

To do this I added more trees and a garden wall by Timecast, hedges by Irregular Miniatures and a cart by Perfect 6.

Papelotte Farm

Irregular do very nice La Haye Sainte and Château d'Hougoumont but they don't do the third farm I needed for my Waterloo battlefield; Papelotte.

So I had to build one myself. Here you can find deails of how it was built. Partly scratch built from modelling clay and plasticard, partly with bits from Irregular.

With the optional garden.

La Belle Alliance

A Simply 6 model of the inn from sold by Scale Creep Miniatures. I didn't pick Timecast because their model is a bit too big for my taste nor the Irregular model because it sorta includes the barn.

From the west. Front from the Charleroi road:

From the east:

Lots of illustrations of the Inn show the barn that was added on the north side. This was added after Waterloo, when La Belle Alliance was no longer an inn but was a farm.

Good - without the barn:

Bad - with the barn: