McOrk - Wearing a kilt

Head and legs from the Fantasy Orc sprue and body and arms from the 40K Ork sprue.

The sporron was made from a circle of green stuff and textured using a toothpick dipped in water.

Painting a tartan is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. You need three colours, one medium, one dark and one light. My Orks are done in understated colour schemes so I decided that a bright red Napoleonic period highlander tartan wouldn't fit in. I used Khaki (medium colour), Deep Green (dark colour) and Sand (light color).

Paint the whole kilt khaki
Paint thin stripes of deep green (horizontally and vertically)
Paint thin stripes of sand (horizontally and vertically) between the deep green stripes. Make sure you have a watered-down sand color so that where the sand stripes cross the deep green stripes some of the green still shows through.