A converted Burna Boy with a Grot-propelled ammo supply

The unpainted models can be seen here!

Burna boy:
Started out with body, arms and legs from the Ork plastic sprue.
Built up gauntlets with green stuff.
Added a metal burna boy head.
His weapon came from an Ork Dreadnaught. I used a piece of electric wire to be the fuel tube.

The body, head and legs from a goblin.
Two goblin arms with some green-stuff work to make then sit in the right position.
The cart handle was made from a goblin spear, a cocktail stick and a piece of sprue.
His backpack was an Tamiya "US water" can with a glyph from the Wrecker Trukk Glyph Sprue to hide the "US water" text.

Fuel drum:
Drum from the 40k Battlefield Accessories sprue.
Wheels from an Ork Lobba
Glyph from the Fantasy Orc shield sprue
Axel made from metal wire.

I made the three pieces seperately and glued them to clothes-pegs for painting. I attached them to the killer-kan base completed.
I painted the Burna Boyin camoflague because it appealed to my sense of the ironic, when he was being followed by grot pushing a brightly painted fuel drum. He's wearing camo not to hide but because he thinks its "trendy".