Converting - Heads

One of the problems (challenges?) with the Warhammer Orks is that there are so few heads - only six different heads on the plastic sprue. So very soon you will have lots of Orks all with a bunch of twin brothers !

Here are some simple things I did to improve things a little:


The Ork with the flying hair...

Here you have a number of choices, you can

  1. use it as it is.
  2. cut it off and rotate it 90 or 180 degrees.
  3. cut it off and use the head without it.
  4. use the cut-off hair on another head.

The joint between the hair and his skull is so small that you will need to pin it as well as glueing it to make sure it holds.


The Ork with the horned helmet...

The horns on his helmet originally pointed upwards. On the second figure I cut them off, rotated them forwards and then glued them back on. I also gave them completely different paint jobs. Now I don't mind having these two boyz in the same mob!


Adding hair...

These mohican hair-styles were added using green-stuff. A toothpick was used to model texture - vertical lines up the sides and small tuffs on the top. This makes it easy to paint using just an ink wash and some dry brushing to give a good result.

A wooden toothpick is a great (and cheap) tool to use when working with green stuff. If you dip the toothpick in water, the wood soaks up some water, and thus doesn't stick to the green stuff. If you let it get dry it will stick. To be really sophisticated, slightly blunt one end with a craft knife before starting; this gives you two different tools. If you have metal tools its not much use dipping them in water because it runs off straight away; you need to use some sort of grease instead.


Use heads from the Fantasy Orc plastic sprue...

There are 6 more heads on the Fantasy Orc plastic sprue and 3 more heads on the Fantasy Orc Command plastic sprue. These fit in just great with the Space Ork range. Of course you don't "just" use the heads - the body, legs, arms and weapons can be used. Even the shields are great when converting vehicles.

The first model is a Fantasy Orc with a 40K slugga and 40K ammo pouch. The second model is a Shoota boy with a Fantasy Orc head.