Warhammer 40k Rulez for using Orks

On this page I have tried to list all(?) the rules available for fielding an Ork army.

Inside this Codex you will find: the standard Ork army list including vehicles, weapons and wargear. Sixteen full colour pages with tips and advice on collecting, painting and playing with an Ork army. And rules for some of the most famous Orks to have plagued the galaxy, like Ghazghkull Thraka.

Armageddon is a world torn apart by the largest Ork invasion in Imperial history. This codex contains rules for Speed Freek armies and rules for some more famous Orks.

Rules for Feral Orks. Errata for Codex Orks and Codex Armageddon. Trial vehicle rules (a must for any speed freek army).

White Dwarf issue 229. Rules for Orks Warbikes. Download here.

White Dwarf issue 290. Chapter Approved: Ork Clanz - Messrs Chambers and Hoare take a look at variant army lists for Ork Clanz. Any Ork can rise to leadership if it has the right qualities of brutality, cunning and well, even more brutality!

Forge World's Imperial Armour 2. Rules for Forge World's Ork models: vehicles, planes and squiggoth.

Forge World Experimental rules for the Ork Vehicle Upgrade: Grot Bomb Lanucha. Download here.