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Operation Sealion 1940
Scenario: The Battle of Bramley End


The Germans plan to land on the Kent coast between Ramsgate and Walmington-on-Sea at dawn. The night before the landings, airborne troops are to be dropped behind and on the flanks of the landing beaches by parachute and glider. Their mission is to take and hold strategic crossroads, bridges, and viaducts in order to prevent the British counter-attacking the landings. As a second priority they are to cause as much chaos and unrest as possible as well as disrupting communications by destroting telephone lines and exchanges.

The German Fallschirmjäger land by parachute and DFS230 gliders during the night. The III FJR 1 lands in the fields around Bramley End. They march hard through the night and take the village. Their only opposition is a group of six druken RAF fighter pilots in the Nag's Head and the village policeman. Unluckily for the Germans, the village policeman succeeds in telephoning the Local Defense Volunteers before he is bundled into his own cell together with the fighter pilots. 

The surrounding British troops must immediatly gather their forces and attack and retake the village. This will allow the 1st Armoured Division to pass through the village on the main road on its way to counter attack the beaches. If the Germans still hold the village by 9am then the 1st Armoured will be forced either to divert or to deploy and take the village; both of which will give the Germans on the beaches valuable time. 


The board should be three feet square. In the middle of the board is the village of Bramley End. Roads run from the middle of each board edge to the village, the crossroads they create is the British objective.

The remainder of the board is covered mostly with fields of crops and orchards. Tracks run between the fields and can lead to the occaisional barn. Some of the roads and tracks are hedge-lined. A few low gentle sloping hills should be placed near the board edge.

Special Rules

The game is designed for one German and four British players. An umpire is helpful but nor required. After the start of the game, the British players may not speak to each other about tactical matters. If the enemy players or the umpire spots you discussing tactics they should complain and it will be penalized. This could allow the German player to place an additional infantry section, or replace any one lost element; this can be placed adjacent to either an existing German element or the Nag's Head Pub in the village.

Communications between players is allowed using PostIt notes. Please bring your own. Each player may write one PostIt note and show it to the other players at the start of their next player turn. 

Force composition

Each player has one commander element plus the troops specified below.

German OOB

Elements III FGR 1:
Quality: Elite
Setup: On table anywhere on the board except within 2 inches of the boards edge.
Elements not within 8 inches of the board's edge may use hidden placement with counters.  

For each element in the following list roll a D10.
A score of 1-8 is required to field the unit.
A score of 9 indicates that the element was lost on the journey over the channel and a score of 10 indicates that it was destroyed on landing or dropped too far from the drop zone.

6x sections Fallschirmjäger
3x sections Fallschirmjäger Engineers
2x MG34
2x 5cm light mortars
1x 7,5cm leIG
1x 2,8cm sPzB 41
1x FAO with 3 Ju87 Stuka Missions
Note: if any one of these missions attacks a tank or armoured-car then an additional mission will become available.

British OOB

Quality: Regular troops are Average. All others are Poor unless specified otherwise. 

Roll once per table edge for the first and all even numbered turns.

1-3 2x LDV Infantry sections
4-5 3x Regular Infantry sections
6 2x LDV Scout section; mounted on bicycles
or horses (determined randomly)
7 1x Coldstream Guards section (Elite) in 15cwt truck
Note: if rolled for a second time, re-roll
8 1x Regular Engineer section in 15cwt truck
Note: if rolled for a second time, re-roll
9 1x LDV lorry carrying 1 Infantry section and 1 MMG section
10-11 2x LDV Infantry sections in a van
12 2x LDV Infantry sections in a London Bus
13 1x Airfield Defense Rolls-Royce Armoured Car
14 1x Regular Morris CS9 Armoured Cars
15 1x Airfield Defense Beaverette Mk I Armoured Cars
16-17 1x Regular Bren Gun Carrier carrying 1 Infantry section
18 1x A9 Cruiser
19 1x Light Mk IVB
20 1x Light Mk IVC