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Sails Of Glory Scenario
The Signal Station

Players: 4, divided evenly into two teams.

Gaming Surface: Length: 120cm, width: 90cm or two game mats.

Place a headland and signal station in the middle of the short side of one edge as shown on the map. This is the north edge. The headland has a rocky coastline and dangerous within half the length of a ruler.

The wind is westerly.

French players: Placed first - two frigates in line astern entering anywhere on the south edge.

British players: Placed second - two frigates anywhere withing half a ruler distance from the center of the playing area.

Additional Rules Needed: Special rules below are used.

Special Rules

The Senior Naval Officer may give verbal instructions prior to the game commencing. Players may not communicate verbally during the game. During the planning phase a message may be written on a small post-it note (size 50mm x 35mm). The message is placed in the Unused Actions box of the Ship Mat. At the start of the next planning phase it is passed to all friendly players.

Line Astern
Ships can enter the playing area in line astern. When doing so the first ship is placed on the table touching the table edge. The other ships are considered to be off-table in line astern behind the first ship. All ships plan actions and movement as normal but the movement cards of off-table ships are ignored. Instead, at the end of each movement phase, the next ship in line is placed on the playing area in exactly the same position as the first ship. This continues until all ships are on the playing area.

Signal Station
The signal station is destroyed if it takes 8 ship damage or 4 crew damage.

British Orders

By the Commissioners for executing the Office of the Lord High Admiral of Great Britain and Ireland &c and of all His Majesty's Plantations &c.

To XXXXXX , Captain of His Majesty’s Frigate XXXXXX.

Willing and requiring you forthwith take upon you the Charge to proceed with all possible speed together with His Majesty’s Frigate XXXXXX to patrol of Mizen Head and protect the coast against raids from enemy ships of war and to prevent the landing of enemy forces or spies.

Hereof nor you nor any of you may fail as you will answer the contrary at your peril. And for so doing this shall be your Warrant. Given under our hands and the Seal of the Office Admiralty this First day of April 1804, in the forty-fourth Year of His Majesty's Reign.

By Command of their Lordships Evan Nepean, Secty

French Orders

To Capitaine de frigate XXXXXX of the XXXXXX.

You are ordered together with Capitaine de frigate XXXXXX of the XXXXXX to proceed with utmost dispatch to Mizen Head on the south coast of Ireland where you will destroy the signal station by bombardment. Having so done, you will determine the possibility of landing forces both large and small in the vacinity and chart beaches likely for that purpose.

By Order of Amiral Étienne Eustache Bruix, conseiller d'État

After Action Report: The Signal Station

The French enterred from the south-west which gave them the wind gauge. British wanted to gain the wind gauge and sailed close-hauled to the north west. The French frigate split up with the first frigate heading towards the signal station a long way in front of the second. The British turned back in front of the signal station to protect it from the French broadside catching the single French frigate in a crossfire from two British...

After a couple of devastating broadsides, some of which raked the French frigate at close range, it caught fire and surrendered....

The second French frigate now caught up, but being met with the combined fire of two British frigates, it was serverly damaged and turned for home...

The signal station was still in operation and the patrolling British frigates prevented the French from gaining information about the coast and landing beaches of southern Ireland.