This time I decided that I didn't want a rokkit that looked like the GW original but that I was after something different; and a double-barrelled bazooka is certainly that. I wanted an Ork that would be a very stable firing platform for a shoulder held rokkit so I decided on a kneeling pose as so often seen with bazookas.

How to do it...

  1. Cut the legs at the knees and remove the joint.
  2. Drill a hole in both parts of the leg and join with a piece of copper wire.
  3. Bend and shorten the copper wire to obtain the correct pose.
  4. Glue the wire in place.


  1. Build up the legs with Greenstuff (or Milliput) in layers step by step. Don't try and build a whole leg in one go but let one layer dry before applying the next.


  1. Sculpt the final layer with folds to represent trousers.
  2. Add the body.


  1. Use a slugga arm as the firing arm.
  2. Cut at the elbow and wrist.
  3. Replace the joints by copper wire as with the legs so as to bring the slugga nearer the shoulder.

  1. Add a shoulder pad to the arm.
  2. Use a drinking straw as the bazooka barrel.

  1. Fill the gaps in the arm with greenstuff.
  2. Glue the arm onto the body.
  3. Complete the bazooka by doing the following
    • Add a second barrel
    • Add glyphs to hold the barrels together - I chose metal glyphs from the Ork Mekboyz Vehicle Gubbinz Set.
    • Add a handle (from the trukk sprue) to the top
    • Add a blast shield made from plasticard
    • Add a sight

  1. Add a shoota holder left arm.
  2. Add a head - I chose to use a metal Heavy Weapons Boy head.

  1. Make three rokkits - two to go in the barrels and one in his left hand.
    • Cut a 1cm long piece from the plastic tube.
    • Put a blob of green stuff in the end of the tube and shape it into a nose by rolling it between by thumb and fore-finger.
    • Fill the tail end of the rokkit
    • Add fins to the reload he will be holding - these were taken from the sprue that holds together 4 round slotta bases.

  1. Glue the rokkits in place
  2. Finished!