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Zveda Gallery

Zveda are a Russian company that has a range of plastic kits in different scales. The 1:200 scale models fit well together with the WW2 models for Wings of War/Wings Of Glory. Be careful, not all the company's models are 1:200.

Junkers Ju 88 A

This model represen the A-4 model. I built two Junkers Ju 88s (kit number 6186) for my second Battle of Britain campaign as Ares hadn't released this bomber. There are 20 parts to the kit moulded in plastic and decals are provided. This is a new developement from Zvezda and forms part of their new wargame system 'Art of Tactic'.

Building the model was easy, but there were a couple of steps that were needed in order to use the model for Wings of Glory.

  • The model was designed to sit on a display stand. This is of course not what you want for Wings of Glory; it should be mounted on a Me 110 size stand. So I drilled a small hole in the bottom of the fuselage where the display stand would be connected and instead inserted a small peg made from a piece of toothpick that was the right size to fit into the normal Wings of Glory altitude pegs.
  • The model was designed to be built wheels-down. This is of course not what you want for a battle, so I had to cut away the rear wheel and fill the holes for the front wheels with green-stuff.
  • The pitot tube on the port wing and the aerial on the cockpit were too fragile to survive game play so I removed them.

Above: Zveda Ju 88 A attacked by an Nexus Wings Of War Spitfire Mk I.

Above: With some help from Photoshop, two Ju 88s crossing the coast.