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Irregular Miniatures Gallery

Irregular Miniatures have two large ranges of 2mm and 6mm models. These work just great as targets in a Wings of War / Wings of Glory game and are in my opinion much more fun than the generic target cards provided with the game.

Above: Irregular Miniatures 2mm Scenics and Accessories: Chateau, Large Bridge and Tents.

Above: Irregular Miniatures 6mm WW1 Vehicles and Miscellaneous make great convoys as strafing targets.

Above: "Targets" that fire back - Irrgeular Miniatures 6mm WW1 Anti-Aircraft Gun on Lorry.

Above: An Irrgeular Miniatures 6mm European Train Set.

Above: Irrgeular Miniatures 6mm WW2 German transports as strafing targets.

Above: Irrgeular Miniatures 6mm WW2 British transports as strafing targets.