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Battle Of Britain 1940 - Second Campaign
Battle Of Britain 1940 - First Campaign
West Front 1917-18 Campaign
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Battle Of Britain 1940 - Second Campaign

Rules for the Campaign

Tactical Rules
Campaign Rules
Target Cards
Airplane Data Sheets
Autopilot for Fighters
Autopilot for Bombers

Campaign Results and AARs

The Cast of Players
Scenario 1: May 10th 1940 The End of the Phoney War
Scenario 2: May 14th 1940 The Meuse Bridges
Scenario 3: May 18th 1940 Vitry-en-Artois
Scenario 4: May 23rd 1940 Bf 109 vs Spitfire
Scenario 5: May 31st 1940 Dynamo, The Great Evacuation
Scenario 6: July 1st 1940 Bomb the Luftwaffe
Scenario 7: July 10th 1940 Kanalkampf
Scenario 8: July 14th 1940 No Immunity
Scenario 8b: July 19th 1940 RAF Losses Rising
Scenario 9: July 25th 1940 The Straits are Closed in Daylight
Scenario 10: August 7th, 1940 Leader of the Free French
Scenario 11: August 12th 1940 Destroy the Radar
Scenario 12: August 13th 1940 Crystal Trouble
Scenario 13: August 15th 1940 Luftflotte 5 attacks The North
Scenario 14: August 15th 1940 Hit the Airfields
Scenario 15: August 16th 1940 The Few
Scenario 16: August 26th 1940 Replacement Pilots
Scenario 17: August 28th 1940 Take it to the Germans
Scenario 18: August 31st 1940 The Poles
Scenario 19: September 9th, 1940 London Attacked
Scenario 20: September 15th, 1940 Battle of Britain Day
Scenario 21: October 29th, 1940 - The last official day of the Battle of Britain
Result Summary

Battle Of Britain 1940 - First Campaign

Campaign Rules
Campaign Scenarios
Campaign Results

West Front 1917-18 Campaign

Tactical Rules
Campaign Rules
Campaign Scenarios
A.E.G. G.IV Rules
Dampshire Court: A Gotha G.V Scenario
Multi-player Dawn Patrol Scenario


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