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Battle of Britain Campaign - Scenario 21
October 29th, 1940
The last official day of the Battle of Britain

The Regia Aeronautica formed the Corpo Aereo Italiano (CAI) to take part in the Battle of Britain operating from Belgium. Somewhat unwanted by the Germans, it way anyway formed in Italy on 10th September and started operation on 24th October.

The CAI consisted of two Groups (Stormo) of Fiat BR 20 M bombers, each containing two Wings (Groppo) of two Squadrons (Squadriglia). It also has a fighter Group each containing two Wings of three Squadrons. The first fighter wing had Fiat Cr 42s and the second Fiat G.50s.

When the Italian task force arrived in Belgium, the exiled Belgium government in London declared war on Italy.

Operations commenced with night bombing raids on the coastal towns Felixstowe, Harwich and Ramsgate

On 29th October, the last official day of the Battle of Britain, there was a change in strategy. A daylight raid was ordered on Ramsgate harbour consisting of 15 bombers and four times as many fighters.

A CR.42 which force-landed in Suffolk can be seen on display in the RAF Museum at Hendon.