Wotz Newz

Added a converted Rokkit Boy with double-barrelled bazooka !

Added a converted Burna Boy with grot-propelled fuel-drum !

Added an Ork Boy with two sluggas !

Split up the converting page because it was getting to unwieldy

Three more grotz added

Linkz updated and lots of sculting links added

Added a 2 Ork Boyz with rokkits, one grot with rokkit, one Red Gobbo to lead the Rebel Grot cause and two new mob pictures!

Added an Ork Boy in a kilt !

Four more grotz added

Added a page listing all the rules for Orks

Added how to scratch build a rokkit launcha and backpack for Rokkit Boyz

Added painted burna boy to how to make a Burna Boy with an Ork Dreadnought Skorcha.

Added painted big shoota boy to how to make a Big Shoota Boy with an Ork Dreadnought Big Shoota

Added Harpoon Trakk with armoured skirts with an explanation of how I build the skirts.